Saturday, August 07, 2004

Saturday, august 7th.
My birthday is tomorrow.
I already have my present from my parents, or should I say its on its way. I decided to get a Halo B, which is a super fast loader for my paintball gun. That way I can shoot fools even faster. I got a nice pretty blue one, with a RIP drive- which means if the batteries run out, or it jams, I can fix it with a little twist of a nob. It'll match my gun rather well, and kind of set off the entire ensemble. Besides my barrel, which is a shiny pewter, and kind of doesnt match anything. hehe.

Apparently we are going to have a BBQ at Linny and Rod's house tomorrow... Watch some of the seafair stuff. I like F-18s. Especially if they are flown well. So that should be somewhat fun.
I'm kind of chillin today, not much to do...
I wish somethin fun would happen.
Like a LAN or a buncha friends come over or something.


<3s to my reader(s).

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