Monday, August 09, 2004

Not a bad birthday. Not one of the more eventful ones, but it wasnt bad.
Amy gave me a nice outfit, shirt and pants, and I think they look rather good.
Got a 120 dollar hopper from mom and dad, and 20 more bucks from dad for gas or something like that.
Got a bunch of taffy I've been eating for the last hour sitting here too, its pretty good. From Amy's parents. :)
Went over to Rod's and we watched the brickyard 400 and the hydro races, had some burgers and some cake. Good times.
They have a new pet bunny, cute lil guy, they named him Dover, after the racetrack. hehe.
Took a nice long nap, too, then went and hung out with Amy, like every other night.
So I've got 78 dollars in my wallet, and I'll keep that for my trip to Canada.
Lets see, average of five dollars a meal, times three meals a day, times seven days...
105 dollars for food. That sounds about right, for one person...
And then things that I want, like souveniers and things I want to do while I'm up there... Don't know how much I should bring for that... Probably another 100?
And I wonder if I should pool my money with the other guys that are going, and we can buy bulk food... And bring food.
I'll haveto work it out in more detail. But not on my blog.

Later, and thx for all the great birthday cards and presents! :)

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