Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My uncle Roger's funeral was today.
I didnt know him that well, but I knew he was a nice person.
I decided not to go to the funeral, because it kind of scares me- death.
A lot of my relatives are in poor health and I feel like I don't want to approach the entire situation. Maybe I'm just running from it, and I don't want to confront death.
Well, my grandmother's health is failing, and my dad's isnt very good, and my great grandmother is what, 98 yrs old now, and blah blah blah...
This isnt really the first time someone I have known has died. I've had a few kind of close friends online, that one, was killed by an overdose, and the second shot himself while on the phone...
Well during the days I knew those people I spent well over like eight hours a day on the computer talking and gaming with those kinds of people, so I knew them better than their parents did, them being recluses like me.
But this is the first time its come a little closer to home as far as reality. I mean, I never met those people in real life- almost, but never did. My uncle Roger, I met him.
He was dead two weeks before someone found him. Just dead, on his couch.
His landlord came buy to collect rent and finally he just opened up the place and found him.
He was only 50 yrs old or so...

What a lonely death. Isn't that horrible.
I guess I know I'm a strong enough person to deal with death, but I just don't want to. It's just a horrible situation all in all.
Maybe I'll come to some great conclusions about it when I've had more experience with it, and it will be okay...

May you rest in peace, Roger. You truly were God's own.

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