Sunday, August 15, 2004

My big experience of the week:

I was at Patriot Paintball with fil, doin a 3v3. Fil and I were left, vs one guy (he had a DM4 and was skilled)
He bunkers fil, and as I'm reloading dives behind the snake. I keep his head down with cover fire, run (WHILE SHOOTING WOOT! AND ACCURATELY!) and bump to a laydown 20 ft away and pump his butt full of a hopper.
woot woot!
That made my week.
In other news, I just bought a new barrel kit for mah gun(s)...
urgh, I probably should not have.
o well.

I miss Amy a lot. She is sick so I don't want to go over there, cuz I'll keep her from resting and getting better...
I love her.

Blah blah blah bored.

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