Monday, August 23, 2004

I just shelled out 850 dollars for tuition for this upcoming quarter.
:( not really. And I still haveto pay for books.
So heres my schedule for fall quarter, September 27th thru December 19th(or something like that):
Item Course Credits Class_Day_Time Building Room Instructor
4242 G BUS101 5.0 DAILY 0830A 0920A C161 Lum L
1961 SPCH 225 5.0 DAILY 0930A 1020A R211 Hurst S
1262 ENGL 101 5.0 DAILY 1130A 1220P R305 Magie E

Course descriptions:
G BUS 101
Introduction to Business . 5 CR

Examines the role of business in a modern economy: growth, structure, organization, and relationship to the environment. Students investigate the objectives, functions, and management of business firms. Other topics include problems of organization, decision-making, and controls. Fulfills social science course requirement at BCC.

SPCH 225
Small Group Communication . 5 CR

Explores effective communication in small groups. Students examine aspects of group process, including leadership, conflict management, decision-making, conformity, and critical thinking. Students work in groups to test theories and practice skills. Fulfills social science course requirement at BCC.

ENGL 101
Written Expression . 5 CR

Develops clear, effective writing skills and emphasizes writing as a process. Students practice writing in a variety of forms and modes. Either ENGL 101 or COMM 141 meets a written communication course requirement at BCC. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment, or ENGL 092 or 093 with a C- or better.

I got REALLY lucky with the english part- you haveto take the Compass test to assess into what english class you need to take, english 101 being the highest. There are SEVEN OTHER ENGLISH CLASSES that you haveto test out of before you get to english 101. And if eng 101 is required for a certain degree, those people haveto take all seven of those clases to even get up to it. I'm glad I was able to test right into it... otherwise I'd be at engl 70, 80, 81, 88, 90, 98, 99 blah blah. Lot of extra english. heh.

Hopefully gonna get my car fixed tomorrow, have Rod look at it at his house.
Gonna buy a few of those new TES Xs and see how well they sell on ebay. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ricky, This is Jose. Dont ask me why I'm reading your blog, I just am. I'm bored and decided to read all of the away messages on everyone on my buddy list(since pretty much everyone is away at the moment) and came accross this little piece of work. So I see that your starting at bcc this quarter. Sounds great, hope u have fun. I also see that you are taking the right classes for the first quarter. I have seen so many people take bs classes and not go towards any degree, its quite funny. I took G BUS 101 with The Lum my first quarter, and let me give you some advice. Powerpoint will be your best friend for that class. As for SPCH, the class is pretty much about group work. It's pretty fun but I had a different teacher so I dont konw how its going to go with you. Enlgish is english, I'm taking English 270 during Spring quarter, so is Ado.