Wednesday, August 04, 2004

eh, I am not in the mood to fall asleep right now...
sides, it doesnt matter, right? It's summer? :/

It's always times like these, when I'm alone, that I can explore my feelings a little more in depth. I like music, because it helps me do this. I can identify with certain songs, like, oh, Incubus - I miss you. I've got playlists FULL of songs I like to listen to when I'm in this sort of introspective mood.
I don't like to share ALL of my findings with everyone, so read on at your own risk. Yes, it is a lot of thinking, sorry Ashlee, I can't help it, it's who I am. :)

You get all of these claims by thousands of different people about love. Songs, poetry, qoutes, books, so on. People tell you love never lasts, it never fades, it is always honest, it is the best thing in the world, and you can go out and purchase with your hard earned cash all of this reasoning(Which is kind of an oxymoron- love and reasoning) about love.
This is how I think of it.
Thousands of generations of folks have gone on with their lives. People live, people die, life goes on. What happens in between doesnt matter so much, doesn't have so much affect. The one thing us lowly humans are capable, is love. So go, live your life- but find something to live it for. Find reason behind your morals you make for yourself, find reason behind your actions. Find something that is worth all of your years- something you can be proud of. Me? I invest my heart and soul in love. I must say, not just to one person. I love God, I love Amy, and God commands me to love my neighbors (in which he means everyone) and so I try to find good in people around me, too(its hard to love strangers if you can't tell what good they can do for you...)
So with our small little lives, we must make something of it, before we turn to ashes and dust. I believe my heart is my most valuable posession- over my computer, my drumset, my music.

Okay- so, I am going to make my mark on this world with the love I give.

How do you love effectively?!
With all of these different "This is what love means" books and whatnot, it can be hard... So this is how I view it.
People have and make relationships with eachother. A good relationship is based off of something wholesome- for me, I believe all relationships should be based off trust.
If you can trust someone to be there for you, if you can trust someone to do something for you, if you can trust someone to take care of you, no matter what. Or maybe you can trust someone not to be there for you, it goes both ways. But trust is what the core of a relationship should be(remember this is just my take on things).
Now I believe a lot of what people say about love is true- Love is blind, love is beautiful, etc.
But I also believe love never ends. If you truly and honestly love someone in the right and proper way, with real trust and real total commitment to someone, it will never leave your heart, no matter who dies. (If someone is getting a divorce, do you really think it is, or ever was, the kind of love God intended for us?)
If you have the kind of true love God put in our hearts for someone, I believe it is stronger than any other thing on Earth. I'm not getting freaky and saying you can bend spoons with love- what I am saying, is that if two people truly love eachother the way God made love for us, then they shouldn't haveto bend spoons, it wouldn't matter. Love wouldn't stop when cancer strikes, love wouldn't stop when someone grows a tumor on their butt, love would see past mistakes, faults, any wrongdoings. It is more powerful than any of that trivial stuff- I believe love is the most powerful emotion/feeling/power humans can have. Two people truly love eachother, they will do pretty much anything they can for eachother, without question, and pretty much value the other person in the relationship more than themselves. It makes sense to me, if this is done correctly, then they will both be taken care of, right? But America, and humans, are naturally extremely self-centered. So it is EXTREMELY hard for someone to have the kind of selfless love God has given us. Can you lay down your life for someone? Sure. Can you stop watching TV for the rest of your life for someone? Maybe. Can you go live in somalia for someone, for the rest of your life? Wow. Thats asking a lot, even more than death. Same thing God asks of you when you become his eternal servant. Not to die for him, but to live for him. It is harder.

In essence, Love is the hardest thing for us to truly attain, but is the most sought after. Who among us is truly ready to give up the next eighty years of our lives? If you truly love, then you would gladly and graciously give your life and every aspect of it for someone.

I pray I can love someone that much someday. It is not today, I know that... But I pray I can find what God gave us, the power to love. To love God, and to love a spouse, and to love my neighbor. If you finished reading this, whoa. You deserve a cookie. (I don't have any. But thanks for reading it. :) )

Until next time!



Ricky said...

woah, I wrote a lot...

Anonymous said...

When I started to read this I had a large bowel of cereal, when I finished, it was gone.

So where's my cookie?


Ricky said...

I qoute:
"(I don't have any. But thanks for reading it. :) )"

So I don't feel obligated to give you a cookie. If I find a cookie in my posession sometime soon, I will give it to you.
:) ILY