Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Drove up to bellevue. Got pretty much everything squared away... signed up for two classes, waitlisted another one.
Took the Compass test, got a 98 (woo) out of 99.
I wonder if I should be getting a job or what.
All total, college will cost me like 6 grand.
Very cheap.
For an Associates of Arts in Information Technology - Network Services & Computing Systems, Microsoft Network Engineer.
91 credits needed...
And I should get a few from south seattle, transcribed from OSC to them.
We shall see, maybe save me some more cash.

Anyways, thats not why I'm still up at this time of night.
My mind goes and I don't feel like sleeping...
You know, I almost feel bad. Amy has given me five different things on four different occasions.
Graduation book, Qoute book, "Who Am I" Book, and an outfit for my birthday. What have I given her? A biodegradable flower or two...
Her gifts are simply amazing and touch me to the core with her profound voice and soft touch, but I gave her a flower.
I know I'm not as creative as her, but I should prolly take the time to do something to make her know how special she is to me.
Sorry for anyone else that is reading this, usually only Amy does.

Why do us humans always have our guilt and pain we carry around with us?
All of us do it, pretty much. It is second nature, really...
We all must learn the truth and come to understand it is not our fault and the pain is not for us to bear, for us to make our lives better, so we can do things we are meant to do.

<3s to my reader. :)

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please blog all the time