Saturday, July 03, 2004

post post post post post.

This bear and I are inseperable. Almost as if we are making our own relationship.
What a crazy day! I've had nothing to do ALL day. So I sit here and think, and thoughts come and go as the tide.

Many think of feelings as hard to explain, but sometimes I think its easy to convey the meaning of them. While it might be hard to explain details, like its effects, certain aspects like its origin and reasons can be defined fairly easy.

You know, all of the songs I listen to come to mind. Each has its own series, or single, feeling its trying to portray- and it does its job.
Songs like Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply- I think anyone that listens to that can grasp some sort of idea of what the entire singer sings of.

I'm always so worried about doing the right thing, and making people happy, and doing whats good. Its unnerving really, when I get selfish thoughts, and I fight myself about it.
Conflict comes easy in my own mind, I suppose.

I'm going to write more, but not publish it, because I'd like to not have certain thoughts available to everyone. :)

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