Monday, June 28, 2004

Hello my fan club.
Oh wait, I don't have a fan club! Aha!
So, I sit here. Going to a baseball game tonight with many relatives.
I wish Amy was coming, it would be fun to be with her.
I wish I had another ticket.
OSC is going well. I have five students, and all of them are learning quite a bit. I feel very confident that I have a solid class that will all be ready to take the MCP test by the end of the course. One of my students in particular is pretty much all ready to take it as I speak.
That makes me happy. My good friend Jeff is in town for the summer, that also makes me happy. Hes a cool guy, we can talk real with eachother, which is hard to do with others.
I guess I shouldn't feel bad for talking about my relationship with my girlfriend here, since she is the only one that really reads it.
Well, I am falling pretty hard for her. I think we all know that. I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing. I always fall hard. Hope its not scary for her or anything. I want to give her the world...
I suppose I should keep the mushy stuff to myself.
fourth of july is lining up to be very uneventful and extremely extremely lonely.
such is life I suppose.
At least I have my wonderful music...
I could sit here every day of my life and listen to my music.
There is a song for every feeling, every thought. I feel like I have them all... Or most.
Haha, Bryan Adams rules.
well I don't know what else to say.
Thats about all of my life these days.
I almost want people to tell me what to do. So I don't mess up.

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah, a post..and a comment! I'm sorry your 4th will be lonely, but I will be thinking about you when I watch fireworks with no one to hold my hand. And don't worry about your mushy lovey feelings, because they will eventually fade into something more solid. Soon, dear, I will see you.