Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I love her.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Hello my fan club.
Oh wait, I don't have a fan club! Aha!
So, I sit here. Going to a baseball game tonight with many relatives.
I wish Amy was coming, it would be fun to be with her.
I wish I had another ticket.
OSC is going well. I have five students, and all of them are learning quite a bit. I feel very confident that I have a solid class that will all be ready to take the MCP test by the end of the course. One of my students in particular is pretty much all ready to take it as I speak.
That makes me happy. My good friend Jeff is in town for the summer, that also makes me happy. Hes a cool guy, we can talk real with eachother, which is hard to do with others.
I guess I shouldn't feel bad for talking about my relationship with my girlfriend here, since she is the only one that really reads it.
Well, I am falling pretty hard for her. I think we all know that. I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing. I always fall hard. Hope its not scary for her or anything. I want to give her the world...
I suppose I should keep the mushy stuff to myself.
fourth of july is lining up to be very uneventful and extremely extremely lonely.
such is life I suppose.
At least I have my wonderful music...
I could sit here every day of my life and listen to my music.
There is a song for every feeling, every thought. I feel like I have them all... Or most.
Haha, Bryan Adams rules.
well I don't know what else to say.
Thats about all of my life these days.
I almost want people to tell me what to do. So I don't mess up.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Blog blog blog!
like a clog!
or a dog!
in a bog!
Beside a cog!
I like pizza!

I sit.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

haven't blogged in a while!
Well then!
Saw the 3rd Harry Potter movie tonight. Pretty good.
I feel melancholy, with my high school career drawing to a close.
the last twelve years of my life have been taken up by 8 hours a day of school.
And no more.
College, yes... but that is so much different. You PAY!

I am working on a new website,
I'm going to sell paintball gear online!
I don't even really know why I am doing this.
I should really get a better focus for it...
And goals.
It is a lot of work designing it all, setting it all up, getting licensed, purchasing, merchandising, designing invoices...

if I just keep investing a lot of time in it, I might make some cash!

And, with summer session of OSC here soon, I will have more money. And I'm still doing the lindmark thing, few hours a week, fixing computers, installing new ones, doing contracting wiring bids, etc.
I wish I would just get HIRED at microsoft!
God, if your listening, I come to you with a humble heart and ask you most graciously for a position at Microsoft.

Its all almost over...

To visualize the last peices of my life that are falling away, I have picked several physical things to hang from my wall.

First, is my old cross necklace. I hang it on the wall, because it was in the past, but its something I always want to remember.
my 8 year band award. I love music with a passion, and I will truly miss hearing our amazing band perform amazing works of art. I doubt I will ever be apart of a group that amazing ever again.

is my two OSC graduation medallions, and my student of the quarter medallions.
This is to show how much time and effort I actually HAVE put into OSC, with volunteer teaching the MCP class for years on end, to coming in on off days and designing huge networks. I love computers, and I love technology. I truly learned a lot.

And lastly on my wall is my gamestop nametag.
I did like the people at Gamestop, but the entire environment was extremely oppressive, with customers expecting to be treated like royalty, and treating us like peasants, doing shady returns, etc.
It was truly fun to play steel battalion at 4 am with Chris and Justin and Dennis. They were cool people. I just realize I'm not going to stay in a position that will lead me to a life of underclass wages and dehumanization.

Also, deep in a drawer locked away... the bracelet of Jade that my great grandmother once had.
It symbolizes my heart. The things jade symbolizes and represents, to me, and to the people that work closely with jade.
not to mention a character named Jade in a few of the books I read.

Hows that for blogging!

my heart contorts to the feeling of needing to fill the distance between you and me.