Wednesday, May 05, 2004

So I haven't updated in a while.
So some stuff has changed...
Sister moved out of the house, back with her husband, (thank God, I love her but she can be annoying)
I quit gamestop! Yay! The poor management and horrible treatment of employees is now behind me.
The reasoning behind quitting gamestop:
1. I have a somewhat new sustained income, from two sources:
OSC is paying me to teach the summer Microsoft Certification class.
A company called Lindmark Mills is going to start paying me to be their on-call IT guy, for around 25-30 an hour.
2. Gamestop. Ever since I started, over 19 months ago, their employee treatment has gotten worse and worse. From lowering discounts, to poor scheduling and store management, and even no compensations for amazing sales records.
There are a few good things, like being elligable to use the microsoft retailer's store and training sites, which let you get free copies of certain titles once in a while if you pass their little tests.

But anyways, I feel FREE!
retail throws a rope around your heart and if you don't escape, you'll be stuck in a working class position all your life.
I don't want that...
On to BCC!
but a microsoft position would be best for me right now... like a 3-9 server op shift or something like that. Then I would be completely set.
Although I must say with college and jobs, it doesnt leave a lot of time for a social life.
I'll make time for those important to me.
Now I just need to enjoy my last few weeks of High School, and keep my eyes peeled for a more solid IT position.

I'm still all very confused about who actually reads this. Shoot me an e-mail!

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