Sunday, May 16, 2004

So here I am on a sunday afternoon.
Yesterday was my last day of work... and what a piece of work it was.
I had been wanting to go paintballing this specific saturday for quite some time, because several of my good friends were going. The issue was, work. Ugh. Well, I had everything worked out, I called up work and got my schedule moved around so I worked 4-10, instead of the usual 3-10. Gave me some time, but I'd still haveto leave the paintball field pretty early to get to work. That was okay, in my mind.
And then, because of my own neglect, my car finally lets me know that this neglect will go no further- the leaking radiator hose finally started to really leak. So I had to take her in...
And so here I was, without a car, a means of getting to either the paintball field or work.
So I figured, well, I'm screwed. If I can manage a ride to the field, I would get home around oh, 4:30 or much later. And even then, I wouldnt have a way to work...
So the first thing I did was ask my mother if she really needed the use of her car that day. No, not really, she said. So, great, I was back in business. Until my dad walked into the room and very bluntly put that her car would not be used to transport me to a paintball field. Well then. Still up a creek without a paddle.
So I figured I could just say screw it, and either not go to paintball, or not go to work.
So after countless hours of thinking about it, talking with girlfriends for advice, etc. I figured I'd just leave a message for the guy that might pick me up in the morning for paintball, and if he showed up to pick me up in the morning, then I'd go, if he didnt, I'd go to work.
So the morning of, I wake up and see I have a message from this friend, and it states, "Naw, I can't pick you up, I am going to stay at the field til 4ish, and you need to leave at 2:30 or so." Obviously he didnt know that I had resolved to just forget about work if I went to play paintball.
Mind you, this would be my first time of ever being late to work, or ever really thinking about skipping it in any form. In all of the 6 years I've been working. So I just went back to bed and felt frustrated.
And then at about 9 am, I heard some cars pull up and I looked out the window to see the two cars of people there, to pick me up. Well well. I was in my boxers, with nothing ready to go play paintball.
I ran out the door, said "I'll be ready in two minutes!" and promptly threw everything I needed together and ran out the door.
So we played paintball. And it was good.
My boss had known about my car situation, so he didnt even know if I was going to show up at all. But after I was on my way home, already late, I found a message from my boss, saying, "I guess this means you wont be making it." I called the store back and said "I'll be right there, I got a car to use!" So I took a quick shower and drove my mom's car to work.. which, all in all, I was only 40 minutes late.
What a day. And then, since its my last day of work, it was filled with sad thoughts of goodbyes...
What a day. So I just now woke up and came down, and decided to explain all of this, because someone important to me told me of my infrequent blogging.
I miss you.

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Dickard writes to much