Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I was prompted to write this volume after hearing a pretty good sermon at New Heart Worship Center, where pastor Joe talked about finding your purpose in God. If you are seeking God's will, he will use you. If you are not ready, he will pass you by.
This volume is very convicting for me, and it might be for you, too.

Things Left Unsaid, Vol. 3

"I'm a good person."

You must obtain drive for your life to feel purposeful. Motivation comes and makes people feel better about themselves, because they are working toward accomplishing something. People have a need, or want, really, to feel purposeful- so their drive and motivation has some selfish reasoning behind it.
Have your cake and eat it too. It makes you feel better about yourself.
Convince yourself you are a good person.
Most people are good people. They will help old ladies across the street, give a homeless guy some money, etc.

People do enough to feel like they are a good person. That is good, but it makes people complacent and only do enough to make themselves feel that they are good.

This is what makes people ineffective! Passive!

Chronically depressed people probably see this, and just decide not to convince themselves they are good people.
But society has put a taboo on depressed people... Give them drugs! They are wrong!
Maybe they aren't wrong. Low self-esteem people just don't try to make themselves feel better.

Humans are thick with selfish delusions of "I'm a good person."

Maybe you even do good things out of your heart. You are a good person, then. But it still makes you feel good about yourself.

Whats wrong with this?
nothing, really. Except thats all you will end up doing your life. Probably nothing really life changing, just enough to make you feel like you are a good person on this earth. Might even die happy.

Only God can give you the kind of purpose to lift you out of this complacent lifestyle.

He will give you true purpose, and I promise you, each and every one of you, if you find God's purpose for you, you will be more than a good person. You will do more than you have ever dreamed of.

You probably are a good person.
Don't die a good person, die as a servant of God.

Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Ricky Ochs


Anonymous said...

I don't believe society makes people think depression is wrong just by encouraging medication.

Ricky said...

not solely by medication.
But look at all the talk shows.
I believe it is socially accepted that depressed people are sick, almost. They need to be fixed.
When in reality they realize that they shouldn't make up their own bull about being a good person.

Anonymous said...

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