Sunday, May 23, 2004

I think I'm convinced that its just web crawlers tripping my page counter, not actual real people.
So I am safe in sanctity.

So my paintball gun was having fits again on saturday. Got some good playing in, but I think I'm going to send the gun back and get her all fixed up.
She is a great gun, but she has a real attitude.
I'll get the board replaced and everything should work dandy.
I'm thinking of maybe getting a CP barrel kit, a spring kit and lowering my pressure, and a new spudnukl bolt.. although everyone talks about how spudnukl is not sending out its orders and is keeping the cash, and you can't get a hold of them. Too late, I ordered mine last week... well, its okay, I'll get a refund thru visa.
went to my one year old cousin's birthday party today.
she got more presents than any other birthday kid I've ever seen in my life.
and now I'm kind of melancholy... I miss my girlfriend.
Church was good, and I've got a few good ideas for "Things Left Unsaid" Vol. 3.
I think I might start writing about it tonight or in the next day or two.

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Sean "MacG" McGowan said...

Wondering where you go to play painball around i can go to is Fort you know of another place?