Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well, some people tell me I dont blog enough!
Hmm, well, what should I blog about.
My best friend is no longer so. Something about he can't handle me being with his ex-friend, and how I'm really just trying to steal all of his friends.
then he threatened me and I told him may god bless the rest of his life. Without me.

So, thats the update I suppose.
Had a band concert tonight... was kind of interesting.
only one more in the rest of my high school life.
kinda sad.
I was really worried today about Amy, she stumbled into my arms during passing period with a sheen of sweat covering her face, telling me she didnt feel so good... I felt so horrible, I wanted to do something to help her. Good ol' coach Merrill at his best.
The other day I put a rose on her car, half because I wanted to let her know how wonderful she is, half because I really enjoyed easter with her. I came and got her from her house during a family get together, and after convincing got her to go away with me, so we could walk the beach and watch the sunset.
And watch a crow get eaten by all its buds and almost die.
I only know of one person that reads this at all, so,
You are wonderful.
Tomorrow I go paintballing for the first time in a looong time!
oh, it didnt work out, going paintballing the other day... they were closed... it REALLY sucked.
but yeah I'm going tomorrow night. With Dad.
Should be fun.
maybe put a cap in some minor's dome.
maybe not. hehe.
spose I'll come back with more welts than I'll give.
Hope your day is going well. ;)

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