Monday, April 26, 2004

"Things Left Unsaid" vol. 2

What people feel are definitions of people. (What REALLY defines people)

I will sort and categorize the definition of a person here.

First and foremost, you see somebody's image when you define them(in your mind). Sally has short brown hair and a pointy nose with green eyes.
Impressions- this one is big. Do they annoy you? Does something about them annoy you? Are they fun? Sexy? Cold? Pick an adjective. Stinky?

Skills, or interests, comes next. Music, sports, literature, cooking, etc. It is easy for people to identify with common interests, building a friendship is easier that way.

The next one varies quite a bit depending on the individual doing the assessment. Quite the variable. What you value as a person comes right on the heels of interests. If Sally is a pagan and likes sacrificing things, it could be enough to end the relationship right there. What do you value? Religion, morals, maybe a good pair of pants? Trust? A rating system could be made for compatibility, but it is overvalued, because people can conform and change their values (sacrifice) if they truly commit, and love.

Actions kind of go hand in hand with values, but some actions are not based on the principals of value. Maybe Sally drives a Civic. Well what if some people think Civics are horrible? Does that lower their opinion of Sally? What if some people believe gas powered cars are anti-environmental, and they believe Sally is morally wrong to drive a Civic? Sally may have good intentions, but people see her as wrong, or stupid. Another example is, I wear purple polkadot boxers. People will have their own interpretations, weird, crazy, put any adjective here. Morally wrong? Who knows, maybe.

Under the impressions category, with less weight, we have attitude. Attitude can turn you off very easily. Sterile, lively, excited, silly, etc. Only extreme cases of attitude are included in a person's definition.

Lastly, we have choices. Almost like actions, but more definitive. Red or blue? Stay or go? There can be a lot of pressure, with judgement so handy in others. To eat or not, sleep or stay awake, self control, or indulgence?

With love,
Ricky Ochs

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