Thursday, April 15, 2004

So I went paintballing last night.
Pretty fun, if even there were only 4 people total there, including me and my dad and phil.
Just got a call from work, they need me to work today... Steve got in a car accident and "can't work" or something.
For a little bit, anyways. Shouldn't haveto cover more than one shift for him.
Makes me sad... I had planned to hang out with Amy and write a bit of my crazy dream down on paper, and she could help me, cuz shes better at descriptive words and formatting then me.
But noooo... :(
maybe we can do it tomorrow night, I guess...
I kinda miss her. Hope she is doing okay, seems to me like shes a little down and out about school. Worries me a bit.
Added a hit counter to mah blog.
off to the right, under the links.
I am just curious to see how many people actually visit the page...
that is all.
I really wanted to hang out tonight, too....
Sux for me!

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