Friday, April 09, 2004

I think I wanna think of all the friends I've had over the years.
I'll start with most recent, I suppose.
I think I'll only include closer friends, not daily friends at school, etc.
So far, we have
Alex Murdoch - Fellow LANner and learner
Mike Britten - "best friend" and life sharer.
Amy Koester - So far, looking good.
Ashlee (Not a huge friend, but shes a cool person and Alex permitting it would be nice to be her friend.)
Phil Hebrank - fellow LANner and learner
Kyle Olson (breifly, 8 mo.s) complete butthead, but fun to play games with.
Clay Byers - very cool friend, solid dependable, but we just took different paths in life.
Leo Miller - best gamer I've ever known.
Chris Reid - Crazy supersoaker wing commander kinda guy. half boss, half friend.
Jeff Hebrank - Crazy weirdo. We talked about the deeper matters in life once in a while. Nice guy, if a little strange.
Jeff Cole - Mentor, friend, fellow entrepeneur.
Bob Wan - Crazy Wan! Half boss, half friend. He taught me some of why the world is stupid.
Ben Wright - Good friend. Half the time he doesnt understand himself, let alone the stuff around him, but he yearns to learn.
Traci Kamfonik - Closest friend I've ever had. Ever.
Chris Weiser - cousin, and friend. Not the closest friend, he never really fully trusted me, but he knew me to be honest.
Ivar Harris - Crazy Ivah! Great LANner, wonderful father and husband. Very smart chap.
Jaret Clifton - Crazy... in general. Always lost in himself, but he isnt a bad guy. an OK LANner.
Justin Hebert - Crazy guy... full of himself, loves God with a passion, great prayer buddy. 2nd Biggest letdown in my life.
Eric Willis - Great prayer partner, sometime mentor, when he acted the way he was supposed to.
Robert Duepree- Wonderful man of God, and amazing person in general. Microsoft employee- was my friend despite our huge age difference. Sharon Duepree - I <3 you.
Lydia - HAHAHA, first person to show me how shallow high school girls really can be.
Kelsie - First time I ever admitted to liking a girl. Friends for a few weeks.
Andrew (1st-4th grade) - My fellow BRAIN-STEALER! great fun, and a great friend that would never let me down. Bye, Andrew...
Lacie (1st grade & Kindergarden) Good ol' Lacie. First crush.
The Whites- Chelsea, Stephanie, Bryan, and Paul white. Friends for seven years, every summer EVERY day.
Stephanie Noss- Wonderful friend and cousin.
Mike (childhood mike... a million times different person.) - Bubba! Cars! Guys! I miss those days so much, almost makes me cry...

and I've missed a million more, I suppose.

updated 08-09-04