Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I never doubted that we would have made it.
We could have.
It is done.
Our passion will live on in our hearts, but we now see the conclusion, and fulfillment.
It was never about the reasons we gave.
It was all orchestrated...
no matter how heartfelt and meaningful, which was genuine
it was orchestrated.
And God used me like I have never been used before.
All along, these precarious four years, I never let go. Until now.
And every day I would ask God, am I wrong? Are my decisions bad?
And day after day I would get loving signs from God. Not answers, just signs that he loves me.
And so now she knows the true meaning of you, God.
Now her heart is in your hands, O Lord.
I pray that she have a safe journey through life, and may she find you as she looks.
For now, I only pray for your will, because only you know what is best in my life.
Sobs wrack my body as I realize myself.
Who am I?
God's Servant.
How strange it is to be judged by all around me.
Now I will go on living my life, the way God wants me to.
Rebuild my heart, from the ground up. Give me new hopes, new dreams.
Release the chains around my heart, so that I may truly love, as God has taught me to.
Some things are not meant to be said publicly about two people. I will keep those locked away.
And now, I learn to live life.
Guide me.

Game on!

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