Thursday, April 22, 2004

I have been finding myself writing.
here is what I am writing, because God told me to share it.

"Things Left Unsaid"
vol. 1

What motivates people?

Questions motivate people. Example, is God real? do you like Joe? Are you crazy?

Examples motivate people. Ghandi, Jesus Christ, Ben stiller.

Emotions motivate people. Hurt, detestment, love.

Socializing motivates people. It can define goals and intentions. Or maybe not... Politics? Motivating. It even Provides teamwork.

Gain motivates people. Sex, status, power.

Pressure motivates people. Peer pressure, social pressure, moral pressure, etc.

Interests motivate people. The selfish in nature urge to do something or get somewhere. American society defines selfish interests as "norms." Everyone does it, etc. Example: Don't call the black man a nigger because you don't want a social situation, or personal judgement. Not because, or less because, of the respect you feel toward a black person. No matter what people say, intentions are never fully known.

You decide your character. Your motives, as stated above. What guides you? What are your motives? Does anyone truly ask that question? I don't. Do you have guidelines? Does anyone actually fully follow their guidelines? Again, you decide. Maybe others tell you what is right and wrong. Maybe nobody does. Where are you then? Jail? A bar, night after night?
Who are you?

Please truly ask these questions of yourself. Only you can.

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