Tuesday, February 03, 2004

When the assignment came up to make your own blog, I had plans to use an asp.net blog, but the material and knowledge needed for the kind of project I was thinking of was somewhat out of reach. The templates provided weren’t very powerful, and they felt kind of chunky, as far as how it worked. I looked around on the net for some other templates and came across an ASP and HTML combination site, blogger.com. As I was going through it, I noticed that you could use your own FTP server to upload your blog to- and I got an idea of how I could make an auto-updating blog that is hosted off of my own DNS name.
I already had the DNS name registered and port forwarded to an IIS server at my house, so I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to set up an FTP server and forward port 21. The issue is, blogger.com allows you to specify an FTP server to upload the blog in its entirety to that FTP server. Well, the issue with that is, it doesn’t publish it anywhere, it just uploads it.
The next step I needed to take would be to configure IIS for this to work. I reinstalled IIS with the FTP protocols, and set it up for authenticated logons only. I then gave the blogger site the login information and port forwarded the FTP ports on my router. So it uploaded the .asp and .html files to the ftp, but the home directory on the FTP server defaults to an IIS folder- specifically, C:/Inetpub/ftproot on the host machine. Well I wanted it to automatically publish to an HTTP server, which is kind of hard because it uploads on an FTP server. I configured IIS to use the ftproot folder as the home directory in IIS, so everything in the FTProot folder was dumped into the hosting on the DNS site. I set the blogger site to upload it as index.htm so it would automatically default to that when I brought up the name in a web browser. Lastly, I catalogued all of my effort in blogs, and started editing more of the blog content such as links and archives.
I did all of that after work at midnight or so, because that was the only time I had to work on the IIS server and the blogs because of goals mentioned in the blog. I will be posting a copy of this in my blog.

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