Thursday, February 05, 2004

As I eat a snickers here in class, I find myself coming to conclusions about certain aspects of life. Where sometimes I have come to these same conclusions, time after time I feel it comes to me in greater clarity and detail.

Interpersonal relationships are everything in today's society.

From school, work, relatives, projects, gaming, to everything under the sun, all of it uses relationships with others.
Sometimes you lose sight of how important these relationships are, and it affects them in a severe way. The way I came about this was with my focus being on managing my current schedule, as it seems to be very stressful and work intensive.
An average day begins with me waking up from a poor nights sleep at about 6:30, and getting ready for school. My first class at school is a mind intensive math class, jumpstarting my day early. Second class is Sociology, where we have a teacher that loves to discuss the different aspects of culture, society, and other parts of the world in which we live- all well and good, but we are rehashing ideas that I think about daily, but to a lesser extent. Third period is my music class, where I am the only senior drummer, so excellence is expected of me, even when I can not make time in my schedule to practice and focus more upon music. From there I get a short lunch break and head off to OSC, or occupational skills center, where my role is somewhat convoluted, in that I am part teacher and part student. The first quarter, even semester, was dedicated to me teaching several students about Microsoft Windows 2000, competently enough to get certified, even. As time goes on, the teacher of the class that I worked under started to hand out assignments to me and my students as they passed their windows 2000 tests, making my life a lot harder as I try and concentrate on other personal goals for the class- such as passing the next test in the MCSA course, or working on material I need in the upcoming rush for a better job. Stress runs pretty high because of our opposing goals in the class. After this, four or five days out of the week I go change and head off to work, a local games retailer. There I deal with angry customers and gum on the floor until about 10:30 at night, when the store is closed and I can go home. From there, I take about half an hour, my only personal time in the day, to check up on websites I might be interested in or other things. sometimes this stretches into an hour or two, and I get to bed around midnight or so. And the process repeats.

But as this happens, in every aspect of the day, there are people I talk to and communicate with at every level- my peers, such as coworkers, other MCPs at OSC, classmates, and friends, my superiors, such as bosses, teachers, directors, etc, and people that look up to me, such as the people I teach at OSC or the kids in band that ask me for advice.

So the point I'm getting to, is that the stress levels affect me greatly, and I let that stress bleed off into my daily conversations and life. Well, since your interpersonal relationships are everything, this greatly affects you. And, well, after a certain point I take things either too seriously or too emotionally. Sometimes you haveto just step back from the entire situation, and take a look at it.

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